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Parish of Notre-Dame de l'Assomption

Under the guidance of the parish priest, Father Jean-Claude FERRET, at the initiative of Mr Philippe FOLLIOT, senator and town councillor, the municipality of Saint-Pierre-de-Trivisy, with Mr Pascal CAVAILLES as mayor, has decided to complete the restoration of the church in 2022-2023.


This project was carried out thanks to the donations of the "PETIT-HARICOT" foundation prefiguration association chaired by Mrs LIU Jing, with the financial participation of the State (DETR) and the Parish, for a global amount of 870.000€.


The Church

The bell tower, the façade of the church and the roof were renovated in 2019.

On this occasion, a beautiful Byzantine-style fresco representing Saint Peter was created in the niche above the entrance porch by the Tarn artist Michaël GRESCHNY.

From November 2022 to June 2023 the interior of the church was completely restored (paintings, stained glass windows, lighting, sound system, organ system...), to regain its original brilliance, and more.

The old wooden substructures have been replaced by new ones, combining aesthetics and acoustic performance.

The Church Bells

Of the three initial bells, only one is original: the one dated 1762. It was registered as a Historic Monument on 12 January 2016.

The second bell, dated 1809, has been retuned, and the third, after being recast, now bears the name of Saint-Charles.

By agreement, two b­ells from abandoned churches in the town of Graulhet are on deposit here. Six new bells were cast by the CORNILLE-HAVARD company in Normandy: three thanks to private donations (Sainte-Thérèse de Lisieux, Sainte-Jeanne d'Arc, Sainte-Anne) and three others by the PETIT-HARICOT association (Saint-Pierre, Sainte-Emilie de Villeneuve, Sainte-Cécile).

They were solemnly blessed on 30 October 2022 by Monsignor LEGREZ, Archbishop of Albi.

This carillon, composed of an octave, allows a variety of melodies to be played. It is the fourth largest in the department and was installed in collaboration with Mr. Jean-Pierre CARME, president of the association Carillons en Pays d'Oc.


A concert is organized every Sunday at noon.

The paintings of the Church

very typical of the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th century, are quite exceptional in that they have remained unchanged since Paul-Noël LASSERAN painted them in 1931. The works of this artist, numerous in the Gers, are for the most part listed or classified as historical monuments. The remarkable central fresco represents, in an original 19th century setting, the Last Supper, the last meal of Christ. Like the other two in the heart of the church, it is painted after engravings by Julius VEIT HANS SCHNORR VON CAROLSFELD (Leipzig 1794 - Munich 1872), a German painter and engraver representative of the Nazarene movement.

Their restoration was carried out in 2023 by the company ATELIER 32, recognized by the Monuments Historiques.

The Virgin and Child

an exceptional stone sculpture from the 14th century (1375-1400), was listed as a historical monument on 22 November 2012 and has been on display in St Mary's Chapel since 2017.

The Standard "Sacred heart of Jesus, hope and salvation of France"

registered on 12 January 2016 as a Historic Monument is on display in the Saint Joseph's chapel. It is a perfectly preserved witness to this troubled period of the early 20th century, caught up in the clutch of assumed Christian roots and a proclaimed secular state.

The Stained Glasses

are quite remarkable for their quality, their finesse, and their designs. Manufactured in 1901 by the renowned SAINT-BLANCAT workshop in TOULOUSE, they were entirely renovated in 2023 by the EN VERRE ET CONTRE TOUT workshop in CASTRES.

You can also discover… in the nave, a beautiful and well-preserved STATION OF THE CROSS ; in the chancel, a remarkable LECTERN and an EPISCOPAL CHAIR made of highly worked wood, as well as a beautiful WHITE MARBLE ALTAR with a representation of the Lamb of God. A magnificent CLOCK MECHANISM from 1925 is now on display near the baptismal font.


The choir and the chapels can host exhibitions of TAPESTRIES.




Today, this church has become a showcase of religious art for our parish and our community.

It occasionally hosts cultural events and classical music concerts.

« In order to transmit the message that Christ has entrusted to her, the Church needs art. It must make the realm of the spirit, of the invisible, of God, perceptible and even, as far as possible, fascinating. It must therefore translate into meaningful forms what is ineffable. Now, art has its own capacity to grasp one or another aspect of the message and to translate it into colors, form or sound that reinforces the intuition of the viewer or listener ».

Sa Sainteté JEAN-PAUL II
Lettre aux artistes : l’Eglise a besoin de l’art.


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